The Dillon Company
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Dillon Company warehouse and storage yard  in the heart of Denver

  •  Specification Sales and Marketing
                     The Dillon Company has a long history of providing excellent specification sales and marketing
                     functions.  For example, we recently were named "Representative of the Year" for Haws
                     Drinking Fountain Company, whom we have represented for 53 years.  We routinely
                     call on engineers and architects and often provide lunch time seminars.  One of our people 
       spends full time doing plan "take offs" and issuing quotes on our specified product lines.
  • Selling and Marketing to Wholesalers, Contractors and End Users
                    Our 8 sales people have been with the Dillon Company an average of 14 years.  Above all, we
                    strive to serve our manufacturers and customers in a manner that creates trust.  All our
                    sales people skillfully work with engineers, wholesalers, contractors and end users.
                    We methodically spend face-to-face time with all our distributor customers and routinely 
                    present lunch time seminars to engineers and architects.   We also spend a portion of our 
                    time calling on select contractors and end users.
  • In House Created Print, Email and Internet Marketing 
                     We develop features and benefits marketing materials.  These are emailed to hundreds 
                     of engineers, key distributor personnel, contractors and end users.  They are also distributed by
                     our sales people as they make their sales calls.  We have developed many websites to facilitate
                     the sale of our manufacturer's products.  
                     Example of in house created website:  click here -
  • Master Distribution Functions
                    We have master distribution relationships with some of our manufacturers.  We purchase
                    and warehouse their products for the convenience of our  wholesale distributor customers.
                    If master distribution is something you are considering, we have large warehousing capability
                    and always discount our bills.
  • Consigned Warehousing   
                     We offer to warehouse your products on a consigned basis.